Wednesday, 26 June 2013

High yield / emerging trade update

A few days ago, I put out a trade idea:

In short here are the positions I entered -

24/06/13 - Long ZN_F at 125*26, target of 127*00 and stop on close below 125*00

24/06/13 - Long $HYG and $EMB respectively at 89.70 and 103.72. targets 91.50 and 108.00 with stop below the lows.

As an update for this, the overall idea for to trade a bounce and it's been a bit of a mix with both HYG and EMB doing very well and the ZN futures doing well before retracing to near unchanged.

This shows the EMB trade which netted a nice 3.7% profit,

HYG was less impressive with only 1.25% after closing at $90.82

Finally the worst performer was the US 10's trade which I've closed early as with the other. Only a profit of 0.5% or 6bps but still ok.

Either way some nice scalps in the credit markets...

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